Kontakt Factory String Ensemble in 106 edo

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Its something I never tried – for some reason I just thought that the Kontakt note per octave would stop at 99 notes per octave and just never tried to push it much past 26 edo or so. But, when investigating things related to my Parva I just let the note per octave number go…. well into the 300’s with no sign of hitting a limit. Of course, with only 128 midi notes, 300 divisions of an octave in one instrument is not terribly useful, though 106 edo is something I’ve come to really enjoy and the Kontakt Factory String Ensemble in all of its glory accepts this tuning with grace and poise. No chipmunks or weridly mutilated samples here! So, for my enjoyment and I hope yours as well, I present this short 106 edo improvisation. Clicking into the note per octave number lets you type in your desired division directly.

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