Interstellar Wind

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Interstellar Wind is a piece performed on Tibetan Singing Bowls creating samples that were then sequenced in Sonar X1. Full quality video (~90 megabytes)can be downloaded here: Interstellar Wind Video.

The pitch set used from top to bottom is F# 2 +56 cents, C#5 + 46 cents, E5 +68 cents, B3 +4 cents, G3 + 88 cents, B2 +93 cents, A4 + 20 cents, E5 + 60 cents, C4 + 66 cents. These are the natural pitches of the bowls.

When I observe the pitch using V-Vocal (autotune clone in Sonar) I see that the pitches oscillate – some bowls more than others. The bowls were played with a wooden striker which has one half covered in suede. Instead of striking the bowl the technique is to rub the striker along the outside edge of the bowl. In effect the bowl is driven as if it were being bowed but with a different co-efficient of friction compared to a rosin bow or between the two ends of the striker. I only own two authentic inexpensive Tibetan Singing Bowls purchased on Amazon – the rest are metal bowls purchased at Goodwill for a dollar a piece or so.

The chords and melodies were composed empirically by sequencing the samples of the performances. The video is the score as well as some entertainment.

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  1. I like this. It’s very mellow, but maintains interest. Somehow it sounds organic, too, which I think I’m attributing to the timbre of the bowls.

    I’ve played it a few times at the office today, and it’s serene without being boring. Thanks.

  2. Michael Kasper says:

    Enjoyed listening to this!

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