In The Moments

In The Moments audio only

Barry Morse organized a fantastic multimedia Happening for John Cage’s 100th birthday at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Krannert Art Museum. I took time lapse video and recorded audio from my vantage point. Presented here was a moment when my 17 equal synthesizers, percussion and choir seemed to meld with Barry’s unique DIY plucked instrument, sax and trombone in true Cage-ian aleatoric synchronicity. Thanks Barry for a great event – Barry has more video here and here that better represents the entire event.

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  1. Barry Morse says:


    I’m getting too much credit for this! It could not have come together without the enthusiastic partnership of Anne Sautman of the Krannert Art Museum and the fine musicians, dancers, writers, artists, film-makers and other performers’ joyful participation. The turn-out from the visitors, school children, etc. also enhanced the festive atmosphere, and, of course, Mr. Cage himself without whom none of this would have been imagined anyway.


  2. Barry Morse says:

    PS I love your film! Cool!!


  3. Joel says:

    That is beautiful.

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