How to import scala tuning files into Z3ta+ (Zeta) for iPad

Z3ta+ downloads with a number of alternate tunings. Of course it won’t have your latest tuning or inexplicably developers leave out traditional equal tunings like 17, 19, 22, 31 notes to the octave. And it isn’t obvious how to add new tunings to the application. So what follows is a step by step.

Launch iTunes, attached your iPad and then obtain this view

Then scroll down the page until you see the list of apps that allow transfer of data via iTunes file sharing

Select z3ta+ and click add file… and select your desired scala tuning files

When done you will see a list of scala files staged for import. Click sync to transfer them to the iPad.

When the sync is done z3ta+ will acknowledge the transfer

And you can go into the options / tunings and see your files have indeed transferred and are ready to be used.

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