Home Made Psaltry

Being inspired by Denny Genovese using a psaltry at the oddmusic garden walk through I made a solid body psaltry which will be electrified at some future point. The recording I have here was made with a Zoom H2 sitting next to the psaltry. I tuned it by ear and checking it in V-Vocal it appears to be JI but more or less a mixed 3-limit. The recording is played without and with effects.


Materials used to construct it

18″ Wooden Table Top
Towel Rack
Set of tuners salvaged from a classical guitar
E, A, D strings from a clearance set of electric guitar strings
A U-bolt from a hardware store

4 Responses to “Home Made Psaltry”

  1. Rob says:

    It sounds like there are some electronics involved in the recording. How do you have his mic’d? Is there a contact mic involved?

  2. admin says:

    I recorded it with a Zoom H2 right next to it. Then I loaded the recording into Sonar 8.5 and made several copies of the performance. On the first half of the MP3 linked here the sound is just the psaltry with a bit of compression. Next is the same recording with effects added.

  3. nice psaltry. i heard about this on oddmusic.

  4. […] DIY psaltery tuned to selected notes from 22 edo (22 notes per octave). The original incarnation is here. I have updated it with 2 more strings, stereo guitar pickups, and a oak corner under the towel […]

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