Hammer Dulcimer – restrung

I’ve finally completed re-stringing the dulcimer we purchased for $35 at an antique store. I have found out since then that this is a home-made dulcimer and has quite a few more strings than the usual. I tried stringing it with piano wire – I have never worked with such difficult wire before!! So I ended up stringing it with a slew of electric guitar strings – from 0.010 to 0.047.

Line up:

2 tracks (right and left) of hammer dulcimer, fretless bass, and cameo appearances for both fretless guitar and electric psaltery.


In this case the tuning is unknown (done by ear) though fairly close to 12 equal in a number of strings. My plans are to try to tune this to 17 equal, along with my psaltery, zither, and cannon.

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