Guitar and Bass with Metallic Diffuser

Radiohead has reintroduced contemporary listeners to the sound of the Ondes Martenot. One of the most interesting aspects of that instrument is its “metallic diffuser” which is, as I understand it, a speaker coil with a gong clamped to the business end. So… having a Dayton Audio Sound Exciter, masking tape, and Honeytone practice amplifier I decided to tape my sound exciter to my 22″ wind gong and see what happened. The set is guitar => MXR Distortion+ => Honeytone amp => sound exciter taped to gong => air => Zoom H2 recording the resulting oddly resonant and distorted sound. Playing this set up was unusual because the inharmonicity of the gong made odd notes ring out or be suppressed.

Guitar Through Gong

Bass Through Gong

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