fretless guitar tuned to 7-limit just intonation – practice session

A video of me playing my DIY fretless guitar. It is from October of 2012 but it seems it didn’t make an appearance on my blog when I checked after I ran into the video while clean up my hard drive.

you may have a better experience by viewing on youtube or you can grab just the audio

C = 1/1, G = 3/2, ~Bb = 7/4, D* = 9/8 + 2/1, G = 3/2 + 2/1, C** = 2/1 + 2/1
* error one in video credits: A is actually D
** error two in video credits: C is actually 2 octaves up, not three

For those wanting to try this – go to your local guitar retailer and pick up a used Fender Squier and loosen the strings until you can push them aside (or cut them and plan on putting on a new set). The with nips gently, but firmly pull out each fret. Then use plastic wood to back fill the fret slots. Wait until the plastic dries and then lightly sand with 400 grit paper to remove the excess plastic. Be careful not to ruin the fretboard by sanding so much you create an uneven fret board whech will lead to buzz. Restring, reduce your action and play! – the plastic will show you where the frets used to be – a nice point of reference.

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