Free Microtonal Albums – many artists

Microstock 2013 – Neil Haverstick and the Microtonal Power Trio!

Winter in Tumultua by City of the Asleep

Transfinity by City of the Asleep

Angels & Ions by Jon L. Smith

macrotonz by F. F. F. Fiale

The 2011 Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp Concerts One and Two – a microtonal experience

Fretless by Neil Haverstick

Other Worlds by Neil Haverstick

Heptadecaphilia by Chris Vaisvil

Exotic Atoms by Chris Vaisvil

Detwelvuate! by Ivor Darreg (4 track teaser and purchase info)

The World Harmony Project – Music and more from Denny Genovese, Dave Hill and Jules Siegle

Tútim Dennsuul Wafiil – {Parágrafos Ksentonales}

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