For Harpsichord and Psaltery

Flemish Harpsichord

For Flemish Harpsichord and Psaltery
Thanks to a recent sale I have been able to acquire Sonic Couture’s Conservatoire collection of Kontakt instruments. I’m really pleased with the sound but so far the microtonal tuning has been a bit problematic when I try to use Kontakt’s built in microtuning abilities. This piece however uses the same set’s Pythagorean tuning for both instruments though that is a bit suspect seeing how I didn’t run into a wolf 5th. Perhaps someone with absolute pitch can tell me if the tuning was actually engaged. Tuning problems aside the sample set sounds *lovely*. I recommend it – especially when it goes on sale again. I think I am going to email them about the tuning issues because I’d like to play these instrument in 15 equal, etc.


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