Fishing Weight Prepared Aeolian Harp (inharmonic series)


This is a second variant of my prepared Aeolian Harp – using slit ball lead fishing weights I create a large inharmonicity in the strings. Guitarists will be familiar with the phenomenon of old corroded and / or dirty strings losing proper intonation. This is forcing the effect to an extreme. Each picture can be enlarged. This works well on guitars too. A gong like sound often results, though when rain hits hard on a string a bell like tone can be produced. I apologize for the hiss. My choice is to live with the hiss and not detract from the full sound and muffle the top end with noise reduction. And on that subject, the added weight here is concentrated and does not present a large surface area like the steel plate did. So this version was harder to be activated by wind and was quieter and required a larger volume boost.









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