Faux Hyperpiano – Attempt 2 (sample based)

faux_attempt2 click to enlarge

Using a sample provided by Kevin Hobby I used Dimension Pro to model a hyperpiano – a much more satisfying experience all around. (see attempt 1 which used pianoteq and other details) An obvious path forward is to implement filtering based on the keyboard slope. This would help the matching to the real instrument as heard in the video.

Melodyne finds this sample to be three notes, A result I am assuming due to the inharmonic nature of the sound.

faux_attempt2melodyne click to enlarge

The next step in the analysis is to look at the audio spectrum of the sample and the isolate partials Melodyne found. (The notes in Melodyne can be deleted separately.)

So, the full sample

full_sample click to enlarge

The bottom “blob” in Melodyne isolated

and spectrum
bottom click to enlarge

The middle “blob” in Melodyne isolated

and spectrum
middle click to enlarge

The top “blob” in Melodyne isolated

and spectrum
top click to enlarge

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