Video Exploration of DIY Electric Aeolian Harp With Squirrel Cage Blower

My friend Phil loaned a “squirrel cage” furnace blower with a 6 amp motor to help me explore my DIY Electric Aeolian Harp. I’m doing these experiments to help with the design of an eventual hard wood, moisture harden version with gear tuners, or possibly an open cage omnidirectional version (or heck, why not both??). I’m also keen on seeing what I can do to change the harmonic series response interactively with the environment. Having a such a powerful fan imitates a strong gale (I felt a definite chill, my eyes teared, and my nose ran using this fan!). This is a long video and certainly not an exciting film but perhaps of interest of those who are making their own version of an aeolian harp. During the film I mute and pluck stings, try some tuning variation and use the zither pin key as a slide.

This post is a follow up to my original humbucker harp post

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