Exotic Atoms (Album)

What an Exotic Atom is

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or download the entire album as mp3 at the link below

01 Hyperon
02 Muon Catalyzed Fusion
03 Diproton Helium
04 Onium
05 Neutronium
06 Mumesic Atom
07 Antiprotonic Helium
08 Mesonic Atom
09 Muonium
10 Positronium Hydride
11 Pionium
12 Quarkonium
13 Kaonic Hydrogen

Download the entire album

A link to a full length video I made for the album

3 Responses to “Exotic Atoms (Album)”

  1. Kevin Martin says:

    Jaw droppingly bad ass!

  2. Reg says:

    excellent work chris….Bravo…….. really impressed by the video too

  3. I really enjoyed this whole thing. Its nice to go on such an extended trip. I loved the music I didn’t get to view the video yet because I listend to it all with my eyes closed.

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