Everyone Wants Something

This is a piano improvisation that mixes Pianoteq in Werckmeister III tuning with Cakewalk’s True Piano in 12 equal. What results is a soft phased piano sound. This skirts right on the edge of what can be considered microtonal. Some may well argue that it is not. The music itself features prominent use of the major 7th and series of abrupt modulations.

Everyone Wants Something

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  1. Nice bit, this. I like the way the different temperaments causes the phasing to happen more on some notes than on others. In theory, you should be able to hear where 12-TET differed from Werckmeister III. According to Scala, the biggest differences would be in the tritone and M6; then the m1 and M3; then the M2, m6, and M7; and down the line from there. Because of the funny way 12-TET tempers things, it’s not as simple as saying “The more out-of-key you go, the more phasing you get.”

    Anyway, I liked the playing and I liked the effect. nice work.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the listen and comments. The way I see the difference it is like offset circles one inside another. Like this illustration except the circles touch at C-D – this would be more apparent with say 17 where C in 12 and C in 17 are the same and with each step either way the difference grows.

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