Even my Song

My long time friend and collaborator Frank Miller added vocals and replaced the drums for a much better version – take a listen! Even My Song – ver 2

Even my Song is a piece better than a decade in the making! David Prete was a poet friend I hung out with for a couple years in the late 90’s and he gave me several poems to set to music. This is one of them which I took a lot of mix and match liberty with as I sung them. This is a rock song in 17 equal (17 edo) at the request of Mike Battaglia that uses super major thirds among other chords. Below the poem I will have the chords and bass line – you’ll have to figure out my leads yourself – my memory is not that good. The line up is drums, rythmn and lead and bass guitars (whammy pedal on 17 edo guitar) plus vocals. Yeah the verse rhythm is a bit like Buddy Holly but if you are going to copy someone you might as well copy one of the best ever 🙂 – and yes I wish so much my voice was better…..

Sharing dreams and fantasies
and secret lives we’ll never lead

knowing where we’ve been before
we need no keys to open doors

sunshine sparkles in your eyes
keeps me floating keep me alive

rains falls but I don’t feel no rain
again and again you save me from the pain

loves calls there’s only one voice I hear
I know you’re coming closer cause I feel no fear

days gone
return again
no just to haunt us
but to clue us in
love lost, now my life is gone
everything must end, even my song


    David Prete

circa 1998

Verse chords E – G – D – D – E (all 17 edo 424 cent super major 3rds)
Chorus Chords C – Bm minor 7 – G^ 4 member quartal chord – A^ 4 member quartal chord
Break G – D – F – G – D – F – G – D -F – G – A – all 4ths over an open D string

Verse E – G – B – D – E
Chorus C – B – Bv – A^
Break [ D – F – G – F – D] [D – A]

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