DIY Electric (franken) Cello

I received an unused electric bass and purchased an ebony cello fingerboard and cello bridge from Amazon. After removing the fretboard I cut down the fingerboard to the desired length and glued it in place. I created a nut by taking a 1/4″ long section from what I cut off the fingerboard and glued it to a 1/4″ x 1/4″ square dowel and filed string guides to a comfortable depth. I cut down the cello bridge and also cut shallow guides into it. The pickup was raised as far as it could go. I finger pick and bow the instrument for the sound track in the video. I still have to work out a “foot” and probably cut away more wood after mounting the electric controls below the bridge. I also have to learn how to play it with more dexterity – what you hear is proof-of-concept.

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