DIY 17 edo Piano Debut


This layout is my solution to what a 17 equal division of the octave piano should be. In short I doubled every black key (though I made an error I need to correct – can you spot it?). It makes play in 17 equal pretty natural (a fifth is indeed a fifth, a seventh is indeed a seventh etc.) though I will need to learn how to use the accidentals better. I cannibalized a cheap used M-Audio 61es and used its black keys to modify a 88 es. So far I’m liking the result and it was really easy to do once I got the knock of popping off and on keys and the springs. download 17 edo piano debut

4 Responses to “DIY 17 edo Piano Debut”

  1. AKJ says:

    Sweet little piece…I like it.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Aaron for the comment. I’m glad you liked the piece!

  3. Din says:

    That’s absolutely fabulous. I think I found the error, but by your description it sounds not too difficult to fix.

  4. admin says:

    In fact it was easy to fix. I forgot an “A” in the bottom octave. Just a matter of dealing with about 20 screws. Thanks for the comment – I’m glad you like it. It makes 1 notes per the octave seem much more normal since I don’t have to constantly transpose in my head.

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