Conversion of 12 equal acoustic guitar to 18 notes per octave

before the refret

after the refret

I purchased a Woods by Samick DW-15 acoustic guitar for $50 at the local Guitar Center. After some discussion with my friends on the tuning list I decided to go with 18 edo which is a tuning I’ve used before on keyboards and liked. As opposed to me 11 EDO stick this was done with “real” hardware – fret wire and purchased fret saw. The process is well documented with commentary on my Facebook page which in theory can be accessed here:

Part 1 – removing frets
Part 2 cutting new slots and re fretting
Part 3 – usable guitar

When I was done I made 3 pieces of music for show and tell using a Dean Markley soundhole pickup. I personally like the flippertronics one best.

Acoustic 18edo with loop station

ole style metal with drum loop

faux flippertronics with ebow on acoustic

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