Classical Guitar *reversible* 24 ET Conversion.

Inspired by the responses I received on the yahoo tuning list I experimented with various ways to convert my classical guitar to 24 notes per octave instead of 12 notes per octave. My preliminary research was to determine that indeed the quarter note fret was smack in the middle as far as my measurement tolerance was concerned.

I tried sticky tape with 0.029″ filament line and found that the tape wasn’t sticky enough. By eye an alternative – using a 0.033 wound D steel guitar string looked good but then I tried a different approach – copper wire. I can wind the copper around the neck of the guitar and secure it in place by twisting it tightly – yet it can move a little for adjustments. This is what you see in the photo graph. It has some buzzing but I think I can work that out. And – instant something different – the pattern of a “Hendrx” chord reduced to quarter steps is a very nice sounding chord! This is exactly the type of find I am looking for. More tomorrow as I complete this after I’ve slept a bit.

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