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in subharmonic series (2018-01-08)

Friday, January 12th, 2018

A short improvisation using an Alesis Q88, Pianoteq 6 and Sonar captured as a animated score and piano roll and note selection. Best viewed full HD 1920 x 1080 as captured.
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Two Meditations on the Undertone Series

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

Meditation 2

Meditation 1

Tuning Used by Jacques Dudon. Live performances – no editing. Photo from Vaisvil family album

! dudon_chromatic_subh.scl
Chromatic subharmonic scale using smallest possible numbers
! Dudon 1984

Three Pieces Derived From a Bowed Metal Plate

Friday, October 24th, 2014

IMG_5233 Metal plate used to perform seen in vise and clamped to workbench.

They Ripped my Metal Heart Apart is a composition for bowed metal plate. The plate was held in a vise that was clamped to a work bench and three recordings were made each with a different clamping point of the plate. The sound was recorded via piezo pickup on bench and microphone in room. Post processing consisted of delay, reverb and panning with slight compression of the master.

The Space Between the Atoms for bowed gamelan in harmonic series / subharmonic series tuning using pitches derived from the original metal plate performance. Sonar X3 was used to extract the pitches and convert them to midi. The extracted pitches were transposed down by an octave. Significant “JI Growl” occurs through out the piece.

A Strange Orchestra is a trans-tuned 6 edo version of the original metal plate performance using melodyne single track to process the recording. At about 3 minutes in the sound becomes (to my ears) orchestral and far removed from the harshness of the original bowed metal plate performance.

Untitled for theJar5 in Subharmonic Tuning

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Click Screenshot to enlarge – and see the instrumentation plus effects and waveforms as well.

Untitled for theJar5 – is an ambient commission to fulfill a wish theJar5 had to have one of my ambient pieces without a suggestive title or photo. Tuning below:

  0:   1/1   0.000000   unison, perfect prime
  1:   24/23   73.680654   vicesimotertial minor semitone
  2:   12/11   150.637059   3/4-tone, undecimal neutral second
  3:   8/7   231.174094   septimal whole tone
  4:   6/5   315.641287   minor third
  5:   24/19   404.441985   smaller undevicesimal major third
  6:   4/3   498.044999   perfect fourth
  7:   24/17   596.999591   1st septendecimal tritone
  8:   3/2   701.955001   perfect fifth
  9:   8/5   813.686286   minor sixth
 10:   12/7    933.129094   septimal major sixth
 11:   24/13   1061.427339   tridecimal neutral seventh
 12:   2/1   1200.000000   octave