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LinnStrument as a Microtonal Controller – Split Mode

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

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Here is a short demonstration video of the split mode as implemented in the original Linnstrument. By using the split mode one can access all 200 pads. With a judicious selection of synthesizer and range one can extend a tuning well beyond the current midi standard of 128 notes. The short demonstration piece uses two non-octave tunings => 5/4 divided into 4 and 5/4 divided into 8 notes respectively.

Simple Passwords (5th root of 7/6)

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

IMG_9885crop Photo by Chris Vaisvil – password by Comcast

Simple Passwords is a proof of concept improvisation. Here I use Fractal Tune Smithy 3 to retune my Linnstrument’s output in real time to play Moog’s iPad app Animoog connected by rtpMIDI in a decidedly microtonal tuning via pitch bends. – Its not perfect as some shifts are heard in held notes,though as with my gr-20 retuning work I feel confident this will be worked out once I find the proper settings. Frankly I find this to be exciting because almost any iPad app can be played in an alternate tuning by this method.

Tuning by X. J. Scott 5th root of 7/6 = (7/6)^(1/5)
32/31~ 16/15~ 11/10~ 9/8~ 7/6 6/5~ 31/25~ 9/7~ 29/22~ 49/36 7/5~ 13/9~ 3/2~ 17/11~ 343/216 18/11~ 22/13~ 7/4~ 9/5~ 2401/1296 21/11~ 65/33~

Mt. Herschel (Pseudo 10 edo by keyboard slope)

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
Photo taken by Andrew Mandemaker., CC BY-SA 2.5, $3

Photo taken by Andrew Mandemaker., CC BY-SA 2.5, $3

Mt. Herschel is an practiced improvisation using pianoteq in 10 edo and my Korg MS2000 in a close to 10 edo tuning by using keyboard slope. Below is the Melodyne output of a short section of the tuning played “chromatically” with a softer timbre.
20160126_kb_slope_9_oclock click to enlarge

There was a preceding experiment using a different keyboard slope tuning – synthesizer only

2 o’clock on Herschel Mountain
kb_slope_2_oclock_Capture click to enlarge

2 Pallas Dances With Jupiter (two non-octave dances: Largo (5/2) and Presto (18/7))

Monday, January 19th, 2015
2 Pallas

2 Pallas

2 Pallas in 5/2 Resonance (Largo) (5/2 in 12 steps; ~132 cents each)

2 Pallas in 18/7 Resonance (Presto) (18/7 in 12 steps; ~136 cents each)