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Poly Tuned Synth Collection (mostly harmonic series)

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

IMG_9840crop Photo by Chris Vaisvil

Poly Tuned Synth Collection uses the following:

Z3ta+ 2 Denny Genovese 24 – 28 harmonics w/ ribbon controller
absynth’s harmonic series w/ TC Data
aalto’s harmonic series w/ TC Data
albino 22 edo w/ TC Data
Xen FMTS 2 harmonics 12-24 w/ Linnstrument

This is mostly about being a study to learn using midi over wifi with toby bears rtpMIDI and TC-DATA

mistakes in the sunset

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

audio only

download here

A solo with my DIY glued on frets harmonics 24 to 48 (24 notes) – the frets are super glued panacea 18 gauge stem wire #571818

DIY Harmonic Series 24 – 48 guitar refret

Saturday, July 27th, 2013


I am re-fretting my cable tie guitar into a harmonic series guitar by gluing panacea bright 18 gauge stem wire with super glue to the fretboard. This fretting technique was introduced into my xenharmonic community by Dante Rosati and I first saw it in person at OddMusic CU in the work of Andrew Heathwaite. Some of the frets above are obviously at an angle – this was needed to get the proper pitches. (I was matching a piano tuned to the harmonic series segment.)

Here is an example piece using a soundhole pickup.

Updated Tubular Bell, Piano, and Lute Timbre Tuning Comparison

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

196px-Adams_Bass_ChimesI have put together a fairly large tuning comparison using physically modeled tubular bells [click me]. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Baktun!!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012


Happy Baktun!! is a piece for harmonic series tuned piano, sitar, tabura, trumpet, piccolo and percussion with effects.

What Are You Looking For? – selected 60×60 (2012) Composer Concordance Mix entry

Friday, November 30th, 2012

60×60 (2012) Composer Concordance Mix – try to attend a live performance! This piece premiered in NYC on 11/30/2012

3 ) What Are You Looking For? by Chris Vaisvil
Entry notes
This is a piece uses sequenced samples in various harmonic series segments that tries to evoke a sense of the tragedy of post modern contemporary temporal musical displacement within a larger structure of the implication of instantaneous quantum entanglement with spooky action at a distance as informed by Schoenberg’s theory of tonal harmonic regions taken to the obvious xenharmonic conclusion as a partial differential solution to the problem of American political polarization. Please use ears.

Additional notes added today:
The tuning is a 24 note harmonic series segment suggested by Denny Genovese for the piano and the Kontakt provided over / undertone series tuning preset for the choir. The short length was a result of the requirement that the submission was to be less than or equal to 60 seconds long. Note that this was a microtonal piece that made its way into a conventionally tuned 12 equal set.

Harmonics 24 Through 48 Inclusive

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Harmonics 24 Through 48 Inclusive is a Just Intonation piano improvisation built off of using harmonics 24 through 48 as an equivalent to 24 et. I found the tuning to be really malleable and intuitive. More tunings along these lines needs to be explored! (The tuning is based on a variety of ideas from Denny Genovese – the scala file is here)

0: 1/1 0.000 unison, perfect prime
1: 25/24 70.672 classic chromatic semitone, minor chroma
2: 13/12 138.573 tridecimal 2/3-tone
3: 9/8 203.910 major whole tone
4: 7/6 266.871 septimal minor third
5: 29/24 327.622
6: 5/4 386.314 major third
7: 31/24 443.081
8: 4/3 498.045 perfect fourth
9: 11/8 551.318 undecimal semi-augmented fourth
10: 17/12 603.000 2nd septendecimal tritone
11: 35/24 653.185 septimal semi-diminished fifth
12: 3/2 701.955 perfect fifth
13: 37/24 749.389
14: 19/12 795.558 undevicesimal minor sixth
15: 13/8 840.528 tridecimal neutral sixth
16: 5/3 884.359 major sixth, BP sixth
17: 41/24 927.107
18: 7/4 968.826 harmonic seventh
19: 43/24 1009.563
20: 11/6 1049.363 21/4-tone, undecimal neutral seventh
21: 15/8 1088.269 classic major seventh
22: 23/12 1126.319 vicesimotertial major seventh
23: 47/24 1163.552
24: 2/1 1200.000 octave