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Judas Iscariot Recants His Betrayal (Electric Piano in JI, Harmonic Series and Carlos Gamma)

Monday, April 7th, 2014


Judas Iscariot Recants His Betrayal exclusively uses Sonic Couture’s EP73 Deconstructed and is an ambient leaning piece performed live. The piece uses 3 simultaneous tunings, 7 limit JI, Carlos Gamma, and unoctave reduced harmonic series and five EP73 sample sets (normal, mallet, bowed, plucked, and effects). The retuning was accomplished with Sonic Couture’s Xenharmonium script.

Bad Henkings

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Bad Henkings
a collaboration of Alister Flint – Carlo Serafini – Chris Vaisvil

This piece uses multiple tunings simultaneously and is the inaugural work of Fuzzy Boundries – an internet group devoted to producing music with 2 or more tunings either serially or in parallel as presented here.

Henk Badings harmonic scale, 9/8 5/4 11/8 3/2 13/8 7/4 2/1 9/4 5/2
Carlos Gamma
19 edo