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Scriabin Poeme Nocturne in12 root of phi tuning (Animated Score)

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

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! C:\Program Files (x86)\Scala22\12th root of phi.scl
12th root of phi tuning

Same exercise with 65 cent steps instead of 100 cent steps.

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Found Poem featuring Walter Lowenfels

Saturday, June 1st, 2013


Found Poem is an electronic / ambient-ish microtonal piece in the simultaneous tunings of 203 ct (cent), 125 ct, 65 ct, and 50 ct steps implemented in 4 instances of Z3TA+ 2.1 in 4 successive performances captured in separate tracks in Sonar X2. The piece was aided by duplicating the tracks to Kontakt and izotope for percussion and general effects. The reading by Walter Lowenfels comes from Pennsound. What Walter did was take a copy of the New York Times and rearranged the words he found into a poem – thus… a found poem!


Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Malathion is a serial improvisation for 3 instances of Z3TA+2 and some drum samples in 16 notes per octave.
And here is a version of Malathion that is re-tuned to 65 cent steps (65cET) non-octave tuning (not for the faint of hearing).

Slumber of Thought

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Slumber of Thought is complete – at least for now. The tuning is 65 cent Equal Temperament.
The score is linked here.
In a 3 hour sitting after waking up with only one cup of coffee I obsessively finished this composition. I again throw any thought of traditional musical form under the bus and forge on ahead. In a superficial fashion the form that piece does have resembles Prelude for a Centuar Tuned Piano. What turns out to be the unifying structure of the piece for me is the exchange of harmonic and melodic material. There were also edits of tempo and minor note and other expressive changes through the whole score. You can get more information on the development of this piece on this page.