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37 edo Aeolian Harp Prelude

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

aeolian37Capture Click to enlarge the Melodyne “score” in 37 edo

37 edo Aeolian Harp Prelude is a piece composed by modifying with Melodyne a electric aeolian harp drone chord played by the wind. The approximate original tuning was re-tuned to 37 edo from an imported a scala file I made and then the piece composed by adjusting the individual notes.

An Equitable Arrangement (37 edo subset)

Sunday, June 19th, 2016


An Equitable Arrangement is an improvised solo piano piece played on an 2011 Alesis Q49 using pianoteq in Margo Schulter’s equable heptatonic tuning of 37 edo with the trivalent property:

! 37ed2-equable_trivalent.scl
Equable heptatonic with trivalence property

This is 6-5-4-6-5-6-5 steps of 37 edo

37 is an Odd Number

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

S0832835crop Picture by Chris Vaisvil

37 is an Odd Number is a single pass improvisation in 37 edo using absynth, Diva and pianoteq performed on a Linnstrument. Approximately 3.5 fully chromatic octaves of this tuning fit on the Linnstrument.