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Cable Tie Guitar Near JI Improvisation

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013


Cable Tie Guitar Near JI Improvisation I don’t shy away from dissonance with this one… – recorded with reverberation and delay – compression added after recording. I tuned the guitar by ear – what I came up with is below.

D#2 +36, G#2 +41, C3 -30, D#3 +36, F#3 +47 measured tuning
1/1 366.00000 677.00000 871.00000 1200.00000 reduced tuning in cents – each fret is ~204 cents (a 9/8 just whole tone)
cents approximate JI interval
366 (16/13 tridecimal neutral third)
677 (40/27 grave fifth)
871 (28/17 septendecimal submajor sixth)


Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Pseudomonas is a piece that uses a fake bridge – in actuality a Sharpie marker, to make the 11th fret the octave. This turns an ordinary 12 equal guitar into something close to 11 equal. That being done I played a few minutes of consecutive improvisations. Its an interesting technique and certainly a very low cost of entry method into the world of microtonal composition. The title? well I had psuedo 11 edo in mind which brought to mind My Pal Foot Foot by The Shaggs [arguably pop music’s true microtonal pioneers] and I found this microbe in my search for spelling psuedo right.