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IF Matrix Mash 20111210

Monday, December 25th, 2017

The result of the performance in Sonar’s matrix view (click)

IF Matrix Mash 20111210

Approximately 30 seconds of each of the pieces cited were used as samples for a Sonar X1 Matrix View improvisation played on an M-Audio 88es

Tom O’Neill – 1st time participant
If Then Else End

Bruce Hamilton

Steve Moshier @Steve
Flying Low

Steve Moyes @
Lines Up

Norbert Oldani
Piano Improvisation 12/8/11 (From my living room piano via my Zoom H4n recorder)

Joel Sutton
Outside of Time

Jeff Duke
Lifting the Veil

Paul Chagas
improvisation on bass clarinet

Shane W. Cadman @

Kavin Allenson aka Breaking Light
on Mercury’s heels

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Se Dä Snöar

Kawol Samarkand
dialog with the guitar – December 10, 2011
guitanbur 3
cold wintry wind

David Perreko : electroacoustic guitar, Gerald DeGroote : bass guitar
ImprovThursday part 1(intro)
ImprovThursday part 2
ImprovThursday part 3

Steve Layton@
Sweet Descent
Three Wanderers

Benjamin Smith

Richard Sanderson @ Baggage Reclaim
Shellacide 1

Chris Vaisvil

22 EDT Improvisation – a solo piano improvisation in 22 notes per octave+fifth (a tritave)
it was not – classical guitar improv

the obvious signs

Saturday, August 13th, 2016
My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

the obvious signs is a collaboration of poetry by tanner brockwell, performance midi by William Newbold, and synth / arrangement by me in 19 note per octave tuning.

(there is time but it seems gone)

the obvious signs
of the seasonal change
i could name them all
or simply let the new winds
wrap around me in the last light
of the day this day
this near to the end
notched again upon my mind
there is time but it seems gone
slipped like sands
uncountable through fingers
i must find the center
return to a peaceful balance
too long on the edge
dare i dream of contented time
feeling free to let go
i could catch my breath
i could hold it again
finally able to say
hewre is peace

(my limbs sleep numb )
i dreamt
i woke in verdant fields
emerald lay
on this pleasant land
so surprised to see
all about me jade
clumped bursting forth
my limbs sleep numb
trying to stretch them out
my fingers found a leafy mound
warm to touch
and hid beneath
a secret fruit
it i but stirred
i could sense the sweet
allure of a hidden pleasure
but my limbs seized
by some frightful cold
i could not help but swoon
in to dark depths
pull me from my rest
wake me my dear
the sleepy turquoise
to your emerald Verdigris

The McMurdo Session – Xenharmonic Gang of Five

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

xenharmonic_gang_of_five Left to Right Andrew Heathwaite, Aaron Krister Johnson, Jacob Barton, Dan Stearns and myself

These recordings are totally unrehearsed improvisations that took place at my home. As a consequence there is wandering and going down paths that were discarded. I attempted to curate the best parts of an all day session. Much of the music wouldn’t make sense without enduring the development before something jelled. Two pieces of this session were previously released and are included here to complete the session. Instruments – voice, trombone, udderbot, clarinet, 15 edo, 17 edo, 19 edo, 20 edo, 22edo guitars and fretless banjo, guitar and bass, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, DIY erhu, 31 edo bouzuki, various electronics and percussion. We freely mixed tunings and our compositional goal was to have a good time! We hope you enjoy these recordings.

The Gift of Structure

I Forgot Your Hat

Racetrack Playa

vacuum energy jello

La Mystique des Quinze

Carry On

The One True Tuning

Being Califlower (12 equal – ImprovFriday mash)

Sunday, February 7th, 2016


Being Cauliflower (feat. Shane Cadman, Chris Vaisvil, Jude Cowan and mashed by Steve Layton) – Nearly every musician has had the experience where they join in a free-form unplanned improvisation and magic happens in the room as everyone seem to pull their parts from the air and make a cohesive whole. As one who has experienced that I have to say it is an awesome feeling of being “plugged in”. What is even more incredible is when this happens when the respective musicians can’t hear each other and separated by hundreds or thousands of miles across the internet. Steve Layton in 2012 took a number of separately recorded tracks for the then ImprovFriday (now and put them together with little editing and the result is one of my favorite collaborative tracks “Being Califlower”. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Nail the Jelly to The Wall (12 edo)

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016


Singing and original melody by Christiane Offenbar
Words by RichardLeach, Jan 4, 2016
Arrangement by me – in 12 edo

The calendar says Monday but it doesn’t say what for.
You hear a nearby ticking and you hear a distant roar.
You get up when you hear the bugle call.
You have to nail the jelly to the wall.

The galaxy is spinning but it doesn’t fly away.
Dark matter holds it all in place, at least that’s what they say.
You hear the running in the upstairs hall.
You have to nail the jelly to the wall.

You try to play your tenor but you have a broken reed.
The overtones are hidden and the undertones are freed.
Sometimes a tower leans and will not fall.
You have to nail the jelly to the wall.

Michael Barry and I – 2009, our last jam

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

43299_l Mike is on the left – he passed on September 29th 2015

Right-click and download Dirts of Mud

Year: 2009

foot prints in the sand (Track #3)

Artist’s description:
My friend Mike came over yesterday (in March of 2009) and we jammed for the first time in twenty years. This is the third part of the session. We recorded me on Roland GR-20 guitar synth and Mike on my Korg MS 2000 audio – Mike was also recorded midi. I used the midi to drive various soft synths – during and after the jam. This is an improvisation that was edited but only music taken away not added

Right click and download Pam is Blues

Year: 2009

foot prints in the sand (Track #2)

Artist’s description:
This is an uncut improvisation from the last time Mike was over. All I did was tie Mike’s playing into a couple some effects. Mike drives piano + choir + effects and I use the Roland GR-20 guitar synth. Since it is an uncut improvisation – it has mistakes and lasts a little bit more than forever. In case you are wondering… it is A minor to G forever with just a touch of variation.

This is the 2nd of 3 sections from that afternoon. Dirts of Mud is the 3rd. – I don’t believe part 1 saw the light of day – too rusty 🙂

Solving Thou – featuring Christiane Offenbar and meolog

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Capture Solving Thou words by meolog, sung by Christiane Offenbar, translated by Heinz Bohlen, composition Chris Vaisvil for synthesizers in 43 note overtone series, 11 limit 12 note tuning from Scala archive, 22 edo guitar, percussion and Christiane’s free a Capella singing.

Two Tuning Examples Silver2 and Phiter

Sunday, May 24th, 2015


The tunings are created by Michael (Spectra CE) S.

Silver 2

tuning scala file

Phiter32 Blues

tuning scala file

This House

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

IMG_5916 Photo by Christopher Vaisvil CC AT, ND, NC

This House” featuring the manipulated work of the following composers:

Shane W. Cadman: Piece012315
Jeff Fairbanks: Dr. Mo
Benjamin Smith: Ben.improv.Jan.22.2015
Norbert Oldani: Sound Burst
Glenn Smith: 150122
Paul H. Muller: Day Rest
Justin H Brierley: JHB Moog 20150122
Paul Mimlitsch: “012215bc”
Jim Goodin: Synapse
Kavin.: Subliminal Rotary Mutation
James Bailey: Tenor Hooks
Roger “ErocNet” Sundström @ Alonetone: Ambergit1
Steve Layton: Itchy Fingers

I awoke into a dream

Saturday, November 1st, 2014


I awoke into a dream is an ambient piece tuned to the harmonic series. This piece uses sound from under the creative commons license. Thanks stomachache!