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had a nice day (ambient)

Friday, June 19th, 2015


had a nice day (ambient)

Walls Torn Down

Friday, February 13th, 2015


Walls Torn Down – 12 edo baritone guitar


This House

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

IMG_5916 Photo by Christopher Vaisvil CC AT, ND, NC

This House” featuring the manipulated work of the following composers:

Shane W. Cadman: Piece012315
Jeff Fairbanks: Dr. Mo
Benjamin Smith: Ben.improv.Jan.22.2015
Norbert Oldani: Sound Burst
Glenn Smith: 150122
Paul H. Muller: Day Rest
Justin H Brierley: JHB Moog 20150122
Paul Mimlitsch: “012215bc”
Jim Goodin: Synapse
Kavin.: Subliminal Rotary Mutation
James Bailey: Tenor Hooks
Roger “ErocNet” Sundström @ Alonetone: Ambergit1
Steve Layton: Itchy Fingers

It Could be Dinner on the Moon

Friday, October 3rd, 2014


It Could be Dinner on the Moon is an ambient looper piece performed on a Seagull acoustic guitar with additional effects.

Thanks to the wonders of melodyne single track here is the same piece transtuned to Bohlen-Pierce tuning – a non-octave tuning that has 13 notes within the space of an octave + fifth. I think it sounds cool.

Two 12 String Improvisations in 12 edo for Atlanta

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014




Lullaby for Refugee Children

Friday, August 29th, 2014


Lullaby for Refugee Children by Christiane Offenbar (vocals) and Chris Vaisvil (EP 73).

When God Comes Down From Heaven

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


When God Comes Down From Heaven is a release from 2010 that was lost in the demise of a website music community I had hosted called Not Only Music. The music features bowed and ebowed mandolin, vocals, fretless bass, and percussion. Probably some other stuff I forgot about too. It is 12 equal – but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

timed essence in the key of F

Friday, August 1st, 2014

audio only

full size and full quality video

white wizard / philosopher’s stone by 2

Friday, July 25th, 2014


white wizard / philosopher’s stone Guitars by Chris, all else by Frank Miller

white wizard © frank miller

how many times
does it take to get it right
how many minds
have sought to gain those heights

the philosopher’s stone
doesn’t seem to be real
transmuting metals
into new shiny gold

living eternally
just can never be?

come drink the elixir of life
come let eternity be your wife
raising people from the dead
are you sure it was all nonsense, said?

ask john dee
i think he knows
or the infamous zito
to put on a show

just what do you have
hidden in your clock
something wonderful
eternal life locked

come drink the elixir of life
come let eternity be your wife
raising people from the dead
are you sure it was all nonsense, said?

how would you like to live forever
to make gold from any metal
how would you like eternal youth
find the philosopher’s stone!

philosopher’s stone

here me, eternity
unlock your mysteries
before me!

not like I’m selling my soul
evil is not my goal
kind of a white magic
i take on as my role

come to me eternity
let me forever be 21
but i chose to do good
for the world has enough evil

in came the magic winds
and took my age away
i felt brand new
yet my intellect remained

it’s been 6000 years
I’ve helped man when i could
things have not gone well cause
man does things he never should

playing around with nuclear toys
ruining the environment and all
and i the white wizard
might again, watch man fall

Once a Beautiful Planet (by 2)

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


Once a Beautiful Planet

Frank Miller – words, vocals, keys, bass, drums
Chris Vaisvil – guitars

hark the dark and blackened skies
they were the culprits of their own demise
they couldn’t get along in this earth age
the extinction of man turns a history page

too many nuclear arms
too many fools willing to use them
too much raping of the land
too many greedy exploiters at hand

lo and behold the mass ruins
where the tallest skyscrapers stood
now just radioactive rubble
even in my climate suit, i don’t feel good

too many weapons of war
not enough medicine and food
a few playing with too many lives
a few hedonistic megalomaniacs

look around at nothing to see
nothing looks familiar anymore
poison clouds of smoke everywhere
and not a sign of life anywhere

they wouldn’t listen, too much hate
they thought this wouldn’t happen
but their immense greed
and selfishness did them in

we’ve scouted this planet before
we did not interfere at all
now i wonder if we should have
all life and 8 billion people dead!

perhaps in a few millions years
some life might sprout anew
but it will never be the same

this was once a beautiful planet
now it is a pile of deadly rubbish
how can a people be so selfish and full of hate and greed
goodbye to the human race and the earthly inhabitants