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Demo of Shoom, a Microtonal iPad App

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

I take trip through Shoom after Keenan Lawler mentioned it, and I found I actually had it installed. It is a superb microtonal aware synthesizer that is also a controller. My tour is a bit leisurely and only goes into a bit of what this program can do. It is highly recommended. It was $5.99 when it was first released, currently I believe the app store price is $9.99 – still quite affordable. The noise you hear in places are the actual (and unusual) preset settings of the app.

Cloudy Moon (9th root of 4 thirds)

Monday, February 1st, 2016

S0033028crop Picture by Chris Vaisvil

Cloudy Moon in 9th root of 4 thirds tuning [(4/3)^(1/9)] performed on a Linnstrument playing a fractal tune smithy relay retuned iPad Alchemy (Guitar PM Acoustic patch, modified)
multichannel midi file of performance – a capture of the retuned performance

the midi / audio path is below
Linnstrument => LoopBe => Fractal Tune Smithy => Sonar midi in (and recorded) => Sonar midi out => rtpMIDI => wifi => iPad running Alchemy => iPad audio => USB audio in => Sonar audio track in (and recorded)

For Mark L. Vines – Cloudy Moon 2 a new improvisation.

Lovingly, Kavena (17 edo solo piano)

Friday, May 8th, 2015


Lovingly, Kavena is written for a picture of a woman in my grandparent’s family photo album. Not sure what the relationship was. Perhaps Kavena could have been my grandmother but ultimately was not. Or perhaps she was just a close friend. In either case this piece is for distant memories in 17 note per octave tuning using my DIY 17 note per octave midi controller.


Animated score – view full sized for best results.