Cable Tie Guitar Near JI Improvisation


Cable Tie Guitar Near JI Improvisation I don’t shy away from dissonance with this one… – recorded with reverberation and delay – compression added after recording. I tuned the guitar by ear – what I came up with is below.

D#2 +36, G#2 +41, C3 -30, D#3 +36, F#3 +47 measured tuning
1/1 366.00000 677.00000 871.00000 1200.00000 reduced tuning in cents – each fret is ~204 cents (a 9/8 just whole tone)
cents approximate JI interval
366 (16/13 tridecimal neutral third)
677 (40/27 grave fifth)
871 (28/17 septendecimal submajor sixth)

2 Responses to “Cable Tie Guitar Near JI Improvisation”

  1. Borshon Adnan says:

    Hey this is really relaxing strange soulful

    i was wondering if you could send me an mp3 of this – so i could jam on it with my sarod.

    + anything else i’d love this in my ipod and show it to my friends in bangladesh – cheers


  2. admin says:

    Hi, thank you very much for the positive comment!

    Here is a link to the mp3

    In the future if you are using a PC simply right-click on the song name and save the mp3 or video.

    I would like to hear your Sarod playing – perhaps you can use this file to use to collaborate and we can post it for other people to enjoy!

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