Behind the Future


(the music make take a bit of time to load before playing)

Behind the Future is a multi-track improvisation on fretless baritone tuned electric guitar in somewhat classical Indian style tuned on the fly in just intonation.

I was asked by a friend to provide the individual tracks w/o effects – so you can have them too. I’d like to hear what you do with them, if anything.

4 Responses to “Behind the Future”

  1. Bill Newbold says:

    sweet sounds
    like splattered syrup on freckly papered minds sorta,..

    indeedly placed raga motions and intonations at the thought likeness

    very great sound rifts,..

  2. Hafftka says:

    Great love this chris pls post a pic of the guitar!

  3. admin says:

    Thank you Bill! Take a look at this site for free (and very long run time) Tanpura samples you could jam with I found it which looking up information on making an Indian buzzing bridge.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Michael – I don’t have one handy – but I see my post was misleading and I will correct it. My fretless has chrome steel flat wound strings and is tuned a 4th below like a baritone guitar. This link gives more information and music. The guitar it self is a Fender Squier that I de-fretted. Actually you can see Angelos playing it here – but this was before the chrome flat wound strings were put on. For a <$100 guitar it does the job nicely.

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