After Dark in the Pedway

This piece is performed on a Fender Mustang enhanced with GR-20 guitar to midi synthesizer. I did the equivalent of splitting a keyboard by having bass played on only the two lowest sounding strings and the ambient wash only on the highest string. Both of those sounds came with Kontakt 4. The saxophone is from the GR-20 synthesizer and played on all 6 strings. Additionally I added a Kontakt drum set driven by all 6 strings. The composition is in 15 notes per octave (15 edo). Fractal Tune Smithy was used to retune the GR-20. Everything was recorded and mastered in Sonar X1.

After Dark in the Pedway The Chicago Pedway is a cool feature of Chicago. It is a combination of underground tunnels and overhead walkways in downtown Chicago that connects many important destinations such as train stations, large department stores and office buildings. In the dead of winter it is especially nice to be able to get to your destination avoiding the cold, slush and salt spray from passing cars and buses.

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