A Valentine for Wendy

This is a proof of concept piece in Wendy Carlos Alpha tuning http://www.microtonal-synthesis.com/scale_carlos_alpha.html
(a perfect 5th in 9 steps)

What I did to create this piece is use Fractal Tune Smithy on the same computer as Sonar 8.5 and at the same time. By doing this I was able to play my Fender Mustang, and thus my Roland Gr-20, real time in Carlos Alpha tuning for each melodic instrument. I discovered I was able to record midi and audio though session 3 drummer was finicky and sometimes would not play unless I re-loaded Sonar. Unfortunately I learned about the midi recording while enroute to the piece so I didn’t take real advantage of it – just routed some extra notes to session 3 drummer. So I regret the tone of the guitar – I feel at this moment it doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the timbres. Nontheless since I recorded audio I was able to use audio effects on the guitar, bass, and sax. So consider this a microtonal version of some stupid 70’s heavy funk tune. It does sort of break down about 1:38 but then so is gravity apparently but I feel ok because I’m fighting entropy in a universe of disorder. *beams*

I think it was Igs that brought up the difficulty in melodies in Alpha (aka Valentine-ish) – well that difficulty seemed to melt away once I put some proper chords under it. The melodic scale became a sort of octatonic type thing that changed a bit between parts.

Download here

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