A Piano Study in 17 ET

The genesis of this piece was a piano improvisation which was recorded via midi and used a M-Audio keystation 88 es, pianoteq 3.5, and sonar 8.5.

Once recorded the improvisation was heavily edited –  mostly moving notes (not times) and removing hesitations I judged to be too long. Also the tempo was increased by two. One of the interesting aspects of this piece is that the voice leading is starting to work and I stumbled upon a real progression with resolution that occurs about 1:42. When playing this configuration the main challenge was remembering the relationships of 17 ET mapped to a 12 ET keyboard – for instance a minor 7th becomes a 5th. Many of the chord changes are abrupt since I was moving a pattern of notes in a parallel motion up and down the keyboard as a main generator of the piece. The piece has some decidedly xenharmonic passages. The compositional choices lean towards a balance of consonance and dissonance analogous to 12 ET common practice.

The MP3 is here :  http://micro.soonlabel.com/17-ET/daily20091203-piano-17et.mp3

The OGG is here : http://micro.soonlabel.com/17-ET/daily20091203-piano-17et.ogg

The score (at 8th note resolution) is here : http://micro.soonlabel.com/17-ET/daily20091203-piano-study-17et.pdf

2 Responses to “A Piano Study in 17 ET”

  1. Jeff says:

    Nice piece.

  2. Michael Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    This is amazing as well. I love this piece. Very fluid and it works very well. Sure there were a couple of abrupt changes as you said, but overall I felt that it connected better as an entity. Love it!



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