A Mourning for Piano in 15 Notes per Octave (with score)


A Mourning for Piano in 15 Notes per Octave (tuning) is a short piece that is meant to express sadness. Your mileage may vary seeing how the musical experience is subjective. The score can be found here or by clicking the picture.

4 Responses to “A Mourning for Piano in 15 Notes per Octave (with score)”

  1. Bill Newbold says:

    this is sad very sad It like chances my feelings to sadness. well done.

  2. Michael Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    This is a very interesting piece. I enjoyed the tuning you choose and the way you wrote this composition. It is very good! Hope all is well with you. If I ever get out to Chicago, I would love to meet you in person some day.



  3. Yahya Abdal-Aziz says:


    I always appreciate having a score to read; it exposes the formal structure of a piece immediately, whilst also making it easy to spot different developments from similar material at a glance.

    This piece is both simple and effective. Have your experiences with 15-EDO led you to feel that it’s capable of expressing moods different from those expressible with 12-EDO? Or in classical Greek terms, do its scales have different “ethos”es?


  4. admin says:

    I think what a composer gets out of a tuning is up to the composer. I have no other answer.

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