A Fish and a Grenade

Grenade_Fish_by_Fenrir06 from deviantART

A musical setting of CA Conrad’s reading of his poem “Say it With Green Paint for the Comfort and Healing of Their Wounds” posted on PennSound.

A Fish and a Grenade

    This piece has a Parental Advisory for language.
    My first and only advisory actually.

Title and concept credit: Jake Freivald

This piece is in 17 notes per octave and uses 2 hang drum tracks in 17 notes per octave, session 3 drummer drum kit (with and without “electro” effects), two 17 note per octave electric guitar tracks, one finger picked and the other with ebow, fretless Washburn bass through effects (3 simultaneous octaves; 0, 1, and 2 below), piano in 17 notes per octave and Z3TA+ in 17 notes per octave. Various effects, compression, and whatnot recorded in Sonar X1 and 2 samples from www.freesound.org.

By daveincamas

By sandyrb

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  1. Rosamond Zimmermann says:

    Powerful, keen, and inescapable.

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