78 Minor Blackwood Crystals

(The picture is of Quartz with Elbaite inclusions I took at the Smithsonian Institute.)

Peter Thoegersen, a composer at the U of I Champaign-Urbana, kindly let me use an excellent drum solo which he improvised. (Original here: Seven8) What I did was, besides using Peter’s track pretty much as-is, was stretched his drum track by about a factor of 10 using Paul’s Extreme Stretch to create the ambient background wash. To those tracks I added a bass line in Blackwood Minor tuning using a Gr-20 fretless bass voice retuned on the fly with Fractal Tune Smithy. The bass line has compression and amplifier modeling added as effects. To those tracks I then added a twitched out version of a short feedback based guitar solo in 12 edo and otherwise unknown tuning and also added the solo backwards for good measure on the fadeout.

I called the piece

    78 Minor Blackwood Crystals

as a generalized summation of the parts that went into the piece.

Thank you Peter – this is an excellent drum solo!! (Note: CC license only covers my parts.)


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  1. That’s totally cool. Peter’s solo was awesome, and I liked your stuff on top of / around / through it.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the listen and comment Jake!!

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