19 Broken Wings (in Glass)

This is an exercise in successive 19 note per octave improvisation against a drum track. There are 4 tracks, Lead, Bass, Chords, Effects. I originally played the absynth version (Broken Wings) and then went back and substituted Kontakt sampled instruments in 19 note per octave for the 4 tracks. At this moment I am preferring the kontakt version – your mileage may vary.

Broken Wings (absynth 5)

Broken Wings in Glass (Kontakt 4)

4 Responses to “19 Broken Wings (in Glass)”

  1. Michael Kasper says:

    I really like the techniques and textures you used. Keep up the great work! Love hearing your stuff!



  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the listens and comments!

  3. Mary drummond says:

    Hi , can I ask where the photo of the angel is ?
    Had a wee listen…interesting !

  4. admin says:

    Downtown L. A.

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