Log of Dead Birds

A tufted titmouse from www.paulnoll.com

Log of Dead Birds by Kristy Maxwell, read by Aryanil Mukherjeerecording thanks to PennSound. Set to music in 11 edo with three tracks of Korg MS2000, one track Z3TA+ 2.1 and Garritan Japanese and orchestral percussion. Poem copyright 2009 Kristy Maxwell.

Log of Dead Birds
A wing as a bird.
A wing that catches the wind like the end of a conversation
and responds this way.
When I say bring your arm to bed
the invitation’s extended to the not-arm of you.
My body is less polite. 
A wing as a mouth you con me with.
I enact a minnow-shaped cabin you press into.
We plane.

Whose resistance feigns air flight demands? 

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