17 Noodles

Well, I finally got my hands on a 17 note per octave electric guitar thanks for Brad Smith, a local Luthier who did a lovely conversion of a Jay Turser strat copy I bought at the local Guitar Center for $65. The guitar is nicely very bright in tone and plays really nice thanks to the excellent conversion done by Brad. A surprising aspect of the guitar was how easy it was to adapt to 17 equal fingering. With some adjustments I can play 12 equal equivalents – and of course do more.

Here is a quick improvisation using only the effects of my used Alesis multimix 8 mixing board called 17 Noodles About two thirds through you will hear me switch from neck to bridge pickup. I particularly like how clear the full barr hammer ons came out at the end. As far as tuning the guitar – I tuned it as it is were a 12 equal guitar except I used the 7th fret – and 6th fret for the “B” string.

Some more pictures follow:

5 Responses to “17 Noodles”

  1. Chris, that’s awesome: both the fact that it’s a 17-EDO guitar, and the improvisation on it. Nice work!

  2. kavin says:

    Simply awesome! Still trying to figure out where the 5 extra notes are by looking where the dots are!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Kavin,

    The are equally distributed. If you look closely at the neck picture you can just see the darker lines which is filler from where the old fret slots were filled in.


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