Now Yer Talkin (JI piano)

August 23rd, 2016

now_yer_talking The score is here.

Now Yer Talkin is a short piece for piano. The composition is through composed. The tuning was developed by Doug Blumeyer and he asked for piano piece. This composition uses the comma shifts in the tuning to a fair degree in the right hand part. The tuning is here as a scala file.

Here is a half-time version to bring out the harmonies a bit more.

Academic performance in a setting where a fee is charged is allowed. Any other commercial use without my permission is not. Please write me for permission in such a case, I haven’t told anyone no as of yet.

By Any Other Name (31 edo rock band)

August 22nd, 2016

012rs Photo by Chris Vaisvil

By Any Other Name is a 31 note per octave rock band composition using several tracks of 31 note per octave bouzouki, fretless bass and drums. The music makes use of the consonant 3rds that 31 edo provides as well as its hyperchromaticism.

The Figment (for woodwinds, muted strings and choir) in just intonation tuning.

August 21st, 2016

the_figment Click the graphic above or here for the score

The Figment is a short piece for alto flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, muted string orchestra and choir. The composition is through composed. The tuning was developed by Doug Blumeyer and he asked that I try composing in it. The tuning is here as a scala file.

theory about love

August 19th, 2016


theory about love is a guitar driven 19 edo rock song in collaboration with The Two Regs.

Chagall Rational Detempered (strings and synthesizer)

August 17th, 2016

Image0003ars Picture from the Vaisvil family collection, circa 1960.

Scott Dakota devised a rational detempered version of his Chagall [17] tuning. Here I present the same string piece in the detempered version for comparision and also a new improvisation on the Linnstrument driving Zeta 2+ in the same tuning.

Strings Detempered
Strings Tempered

Zeta+ Performance

! Chagall_RationalDetemper_v1_[17].scl
(771/256)^(1/3) generator Chagall[17] MOS, rationally represented using only 7:9, 9:11, 11:13. Mirror symmetric, CS, strictly proper. Scott Dakota, Aug 2016.

Chagall [17] for strings

August 17th, 2016

Image0048a Photo from the Vaisvil family collection.

Chagall [17] for strings is a short composition that includes 7:9:11:13 chords. Please excuse Sonar’s poor handling of accidentals in the scoredatura. Click here to download the scala file.

Chagall [17]

August 16th, 2016

chagall[17] Graphic by Scott Dakota August 2016

Scott Dakota developed a new tuning called “Chagall[17]” and I record a Linnstrument improvisation with pianoteq in the tuning as a demonstration. The tuning is below.

! Chagall[17].scl
(771/256)^(1/3) generator, ~13/9. Superb scale. Like 17&83 temperament in the subgroup. Scott Dakota, July 2016.

MAVEN re-scored in 19 edo

August 14th, 2016

Performance by William Newbold, production Chris Vaisvil, public domain video by NASA.

the obvious signs

August 13th, 2016
My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

the obvious signs is a collaboration of poetry by tanner brockwell, performance midi by William Newbold, and synth / arrangement by me in 19 note per octave tuning.

(there is time but it seems gone)

the obvious signs
of the seasonal change
i could name them all
or simply let the new winds
wrap around me in the last light
of the day this day
this near to the end
notched again upon my mind
there is time but it seems gone
slipped like sands
uncountable through fingers
i must find the center
return to a peaceful balance
too long on the edge
dare i dream of contented time
feeling free to let go
i could catch my breath
i could hold it again
finally able to say
hewre is peace

(my limbs sleep numb )
i dreamt
i woke in verdant fields
emerald lay
on this pleasant land
so surprised to see
all about me jade
clumped bursting forth
my limbs sleep numb
trying to stretch them out
my fingers found a leafy mound
warm to touch
and hid beneath
a secret fruit
it i but stirred
i could sense the sweet
allure of a hidden pleasure
but my limbs seized
by some frightful cold
i could not help but swoon
in to dark depths
pull me from my rest
wake me my dear
the sleepy turquoise
to your emerald Verdigris

The Complex Plane (BP Guitar)

August 12th, 2016


The Complex Plane is a two track Bohlen-Pierce guitar rehearsed (and therefore directed) improvisation with backing drums. Click on the graphic above to see the guitar and information on this tuning.