even the best of intentions (experimental)

September 3rd, 2015

IMG_8049rs rig used to generate the sound

This is not nice melodic music
– it is a harsh exploration of a technique!

even the best of intentions is an exercise in transforming audio. I used a sound effects CD ripped to my iPod as the source for the Korg MS-20 mini’s signal in. While it played I manipulated the settings on the synthesizer. If you listen closely you can at times hear a bit of the original signal leaking into the output. Except for editing out silence I applied no effects or other manipulation of the output.

Duet for Piano and Lap Steel Guitar in 22 edo

September 2nd, 2015


Duet for Piano and Lap Steel Guitar in 22 edo was acomplished by tuning the open strings of the lap steel guitar to 22 edo D (shared with 12 edo) ADF#C#F# in ascending order. Then the piano was rehersed and played, then the lap steel was also rehersed and recorded.

Landscape for 22 edo String Orchestra

August 30th, 2015

S0305171crp Picture by Chris Vaisvil

Landscape for 22 edo String Orchestra was composed and performed on the Linnstrument using Dimension Pro.

Going for a Ride?

August 26th, 2015

S0457377rePicture by Chris Vaisvil

Going for a Ride? is a piece in Reinhard 128 (8th octave tuning) that adds slide guitar to the Linnstrument 8th octave piano posted earlier. Its a bit hard at this point to hit the notes right on the money but also easier than I thought to keep a memory of the way the notes map to the guitar.

double slit experiment (Just Intonation Electronic)

August 17th, 2015


double slit experiment is a duet for two instances of zeta+ 2.1 controllered with a Linnstrument and a doepfer ribbon controller tuned to an Erv Wilson 17 pitch 5-limit just intonation pitch set.

! wilson_17.scl
Wilson's 17-tone 5-limit scale

For bowed gongs and golden ration tuned piano (and bonus track)

August 13th, 2015

Music Studio

Bowed gongs and a piano tuned to a Golden ratio derived tuning (see below) and driven by Melodyne’s polyphonic interpretation of the gong track.

1/4 comma meantone tuned piano driven by the same gong derived score.

Golden tuning created and explained by Jake Freivald

clouded days for just intonation piano (animated score)

August 11th, 2015

best viewed at higher resolution.

“clouded days” was recorded directly into Sibelius 6 while watching the video, sort of – something I’m still experimenting with. The intent was to try to following the video and react musically to it. Frankly it was hard to do. After recording the piano I did fix some fat finger flubs. The recording and playback are at actual speed though this was recorded with Sibelius’ “Live Tempo” so the playing flows better than the score because there are unseen tempo changes. Also, frustratingly the pedaling I did was not reflected in the score…. and other oddities are there, too numerous to mention. However, in general, the score is much better than Sonar’s score. The animated score was captured by SnagIt and put together with Sony movie studio 13. I can’t take credit for the clouds though, only filming them.

A word about this tuning. It has a bluesy flavor right out of the box which is why I play the mostly diatonic run at the start. I found the tuning in the Scala archives. Below is Scala’s interval assignment. I can’t say it is readily apparent to me why the tuning sounds strikingly that way to me. But…. in the end its what you hear that matters.

audio only MP3 download
full score with tuning PDF download

full video download

Cruciform Lattice 
Scala version 2.32b  Copyright E.F. Op de Coul, the Netherlands, 1992-2011
  0:          1/1               0.000  unison, perfect prime
  1:          9/8             203.910  major whole tone
  2:         75/64            274.582  classic augmented second
  3:          6/5             315.641  minor third
  4:          5/4             386.314  major third
  5:          4/3             498.045  perfect fourth
  6:         45/32            590.224  diatonic tritone
  7:          3/2             701.955  perfect fifth
  8:         25/16            772.627  classic augmented fifth
  9:          8/5             813.686  minor sixth
 10:          5/3             884.359  major sixth, BP sixth
 11:         15/8            1088.269  classic major seventh
 12:          2/1            1200.000  octave

The Moon Transits the Earth (video performance)

August 8th, 2015

The Moon Transits the Earth is an improvisation using a Linnstrument with pianoteq and a Doepfer ribbon controller with Garritan Personal Orchestra’s solo bass trombone. Tuning is Michael Harrison’s Just Intonation Revelation tuning. Transit image: NASA

Hommage Pour Paul H. Muller

August 4th, 2015

This is an ambient music video in tribute to my Sound-in.org colleague Paul who has been experimenting with constrained aleatoric compositional techniques. This is the sound of my electric aeolian harp combined with time lapse video. The harp is a constrained aleatoric device because I tune the string but the wind plays the strings which generates harmonics of the strings.
audio only


Vulcanic Luau (19 edo ambient)

August 3rd, 2015
 4/1/14 — at Haleakala National Park by Paul Erlich

4/1/14 — at Haleakala National Park by Paul Erlich

Vulcanic Luau (the u is intentional and what it implies)