I Once Stood Tall (Ayre for Piano in 10 edo)

December 17th, 2014


I Once Stood Tall is an ayre for piano tuned to 10 notes per octave (10 edo) – no editing or file manipulation.

Ayre for Solo Piano in Centaur A Tuning

December 14th, 2014


Ayre for Solo Piano in Centaur A Tuning (very minimal edits) – the rejection of counterpoint through most of the piece is intentional. For me it was all about the melody and the places where I brought out some “JI growl”.

Clavichord version for Jon Lyle Smith

Shifting (Harmonic Series)

December 5th, 2014

adjective: shifting

changing, especially unpredictably.

The Song of a Comet (adapted for 9/8 mono intervallic tuned synthesizers.)

December 4th, 2014



The Song Of A Comet

By Clark Ashton Smith

A plummet of the changing universe,
Far-cast, I flare
Through gulfs the sun’s uncharted orbits bind,
And spaces bare
That intermediate darks immerse
By road of sun nor world confined.
Upon my star-undominated gyre
I mark the systems vanish one by one;
Among the swarming worlds I lunge,
And sudden plunge
Close to the zones of solar fire;
Or ‘mid the mighty wrack of stars undone,
Flash, and with momentary rays
Compel the dark to yield
Their aimless forms, whose once far-potent blaze
In ashes chill is now inurned.
A space revealed,
I see their planets turned,
Where holders of the heritage of breath
Exultant rose, and sank to barren death
Beneath the stars’ unheeding eyes.
Adown contiguous skies
I pass the thickening brume
Of systems yet unshaped, that hang immense
Along mysterious shores of gloom;
Or see – unimplicated in their doom –
The final and disastrous gyre
Of blinded suns that meet,
And from their mingled heat,
And battle-clouds intense,
O’erspread the deep with fire.

Through stellar labyrinths I thrid
Mine orbit placed amid
The multiple and irised stars, or hid,
Unsolved and intricate,
In many a planet-swinging sun’s estate.
Ofttimes I steal in solitary flight
Along the rim of the exterior night
That grips the universe;
And then return,
Past outer footholds of sidereal light,
To where the systems gather and disperse;
And dip again into the web of things,
To watch it shift and burn,
Hearted with stars. On peaceless wings
I pierce, where deep-outstripping all surmise,
The nether heavens drop unsunned,
By stars and planets shunned.
And then I rise
Through vaulting gloom, to watch the dark
Snatch at the flame of failing suns;
Or mark
The heavy-dusked and silent skies,
Strewn thick with wrecked and broken stars,
Where many a fated orbit runs.
An arrow sped from some eternal bow,
Through change of firmaments and systems sent,
And finding bourn nor bars,
I flee, nor know
For what eternal mark my flight is meant.

read by Bellona Times

Half a Box of Marbles – composed in Sixtetwoo Tuning

December 3rd, 2014


Half a Box of Marbles – a piano composition in Sixtetwoo Tuning – see score for tuning details. SCORE

For Gene Ward Smith – and others – the midi file.

Hay, A Door (7-limit JI and Tempered comparison)

November 29th, 2014


Hay, A Door” is a piano improvisation in Gene Ward Smith’s 7-Limit Marvel Woo JI Precursor (see below and previous post)

Per request of Scott Dakota here is the audio for the tempered version. See the previous post for the tuning.

Six 7-limit tetrads marvel woo scale with 51 11-limit dyads
! 7-limit transversal [15/14, 7/6, 6/5, 5/4, 9/7, 7/5, 3/2, 8/5, 12/7, 7/4, 15/8, 2]

Mavel Woo Chromatica

November 27th, 2014


Mavel Woo Chromatica
This is a short study using a new tuning from a family of tunings Gene Ward Smith recently developed. It is a very chromatic improvisation that just touches what this tuning can do. I intended to visit it with a through composed piece – there is a lot I heard in here that I think has potential despite the cliche nature of this brief study. Truth in advertizing – I edited this and sped it up to keep it interesting.

Gene Smith: Here’s a scale which wins the total 11-limit dyad counts running away:
Six 7-limit tetrads marvel woo scale with 51 11-limit dyads
! 7-limit transversal [15/14, 7/6, 6/5, 5/4, 9/7, 7/5, 3/2, 8/5, 12/7, 7/4, 15/8, 2]


November 23rd, 2014

Dedication is a piece for Alto Flute plus an electronic accompaniment (in old time parlance “tape”) in 24 edo (quartertone aka 24 et). Thank you Amy Shankland for providing the voice and also Vox Novus for commissioning this piece. The score is here – if you are interested in performing this piece you can contact me and I will supply the accompaniment for you. If you look at the score you will see that the percussion and effects are not “explicitly” written out. That is because I am availing myself of the samples in the Kontakt packages I purchased. However, the synthesizer and synthesized piano scordatura are accurate.

And the princes bring near the dedication of the altar in the day of its being anointed; yea, the princes bring near their offering before the altar.

And Jehovah saith unto Moses, `One prince a day — one prince a day — do they bring near their offering for the dedication of the altar.’

Numbers 7:10. 7:11 Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible

Embrace the Porcupine (15 edo)

November 22nd, 2014
click to enlarge to see tuning

click to enlarge to see tuning

Embrace the Porcupine is a melodyne 15 edo Porcupine retuning of The Enemy Entropy (with edit) in 12 edo.

The Enemy Entropy

November 21st, 2014


The Enemy Entropy – vocals and electric guitar through effects.