Göbekli Tepe (20 edo guitar solo)

October 24th, 2014


Göbekli Tepe is a solo for 20 edo electric guitar. It is also the name of an intriguing structure found in Turkey from about 12,000 ago. When the inhabitants left they deliberately backfilled the site to hide and / or protect it. No one knows at this time why. Click on the song icon to read more about this place.

Three Pieces Derived From a Bowed Metal Plate

October 24th, 2014

IMG_5233 Metal plate used to perform seen in vise and clamped to workbench.

They Ripped my Metal Heart Apart is a composition for bowed metal plate. The plate was held in a vise that was clamped to a work bench and three recordings were made each with a different clamping point of the plate. The sound was recorded via piezo pickup on bench and microphone in room. Post processing consisted of delay, reverb and panning with slight compression of the master.

The Space Between the Atoms for bowed gamelan in harmonic series / subharmonic series tuning using pitches derived from the original metal plate performance. Sonar X3 was used to extract the pitches and convert them to midi. The extracted pitches were transposed down by an octave. Significant “JI Growl” occurs through out the piece.

A Strange Orchestra is a trans-tuned 6 edo version of the original metal plate performance using melodyne single track to process the recording. At about 3 minutes in the sound becomes (to my ears) orchestral and far removed from the harshness of the original bowed metal plate performance.

No Promises (14 edo piano)

October 21st, 2014

audio only

No Promises is a short piano improvisation demonstrating some chords I find to my liking in 14 notes per octave tuning.

A Night at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery (Bohlen-Pierce, 12 edo)

October 19th, 2014


A Night at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is an ambient piece is mixed tunings, Bohlen-Pierce, 12 edo, and unpitched.

Service (13 edo electronic ambient)

October 18th, 2014


Service is an electronic ambient glitchy-ish composition in 13 edo.

“2” presents “a manic ego trapped in a hall of mirrors” (20 edo, 12 edo polytuned hard rock band)

October 17th, 2014


a manic ego trapped in a hall of mirrors is a composition that my collaborator Frank Miller (of “2”) built around my 20 edo guitar part. Frank wrote and performed the vocals, lyrics, drums, 12 edo bass and produced the composition.

Lyrics for “a manic ego trapped in a hall of mirrors” by Frank Miller

Only 2 and 3 and 7 allowed (7 limit piano improvisation)

October 16th, 2014
painting by Andrew Dasburg,

painting by Andrew Dasburg, “Improvisation”, c.1915–1916

For William Lynch who wanted some 2, 3, and 7 Limit (omit 5 limit) music to listen to. A humble improvisation with the tuning displayed below.

! E:\cakewalk\scales\2-3-7-only.scl
2.3.7 only

Ambient by guest artist Greg Hooper

October 16th, 2014

Greg Hooper used an MP3 recording of my aeolian harp. He performed some manipulations, arranged and produced them resulting in the above composition.

Greg describes his composition: (it) starts off an octave down and then I add in a third, fourth, tonic, third fifth sixth and major seventh – all transposed using sample rate changes rather than pitch shifting, so each version is a different length according to the ratio of the pitch.

We hope you enjoy it!

Greg and Chris

The Uncanny Valley (for solo piano tuned to unreduced harmonic series)

October 14th, 2014


The Uncanny Valley is a composition for solo piano tuned to the unreduced harmonic series (odd members only). This piece has a fairly wide dynamic range.

Electric Aeolian Harp With Plate Suspended by Lead Weights

October 14th, 2014

This is a variation – I tried using the lead fishing weights to hold the plate in place which worked wonderfully. As a result the plate was no longer tied at one end to a bridge and could freely vibrate on the strings.


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14.5 minutes of wind event